Sell Your Soul

by Overlord

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released January 5, 2014

Vocals- Darren Vinicky
Lead Guitar- Mike Vidovic
Rhythm Guitar- Frank Tomaiuolo
Drums- Tyson Reid
Bass- Chris David

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lachy Pitcher at Depict Studios.



all rights reserved


Overlord Adelaide, Australia

We are Overlord. Death Metal Beatdown band coming from Adelaide, South Australia.

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Track Name: Pact
Sell your soul to the devil.
Sell your soul to the fucking devil.

Choose your path
Darkness Descends.

Witness the rise.

Fear overpowers the innocence.
Track Name: Dead End
Its your life that you hold dear.
Faith in fear.
Total paranoia.
Time's fucking up.

Clasping your neck.
In the palm of my hands.
Taking a life.
Watching as you fall.

Your lucks run out.
No messiah to come.
Die in Pain.
Die in agony.

Nowhere to run.
Nowhere to hide.
You've come to a dead end.
As I raise this knife.

I'm waiting with baited breath,
To watch you fucking die!

Sentenced to rot.
Perish in exile.
Dead end.
Track Name: Hand Of Death
Banished by the hand of death.

Doomed since the very beginning
You never had a chance
Summoned to do the deeds
Of vengeance and fury

The curse of the reaper
Called upon you
Taker of life
Decending to the world

Final days
Hand of death
Hand of death, placed upon you

Buried to extinction
The light beckons, before you choose the wrong path, it leads to your doom
It leads to your Fucking doom
Suffer your reaper
Bow down
Track Name: Genocide Reigns
Suffer in pain.
Terror running through your eyes.
Epidemic spreading to wipe out the earth.
The bodies start to amass.
Death toll rising.

Slaughtering your Fucking life.
Ripping off the flesh.
Tearing of your Fucking limbs.
Population control, of the billions.
You will be extinguished.

Complete destruction.
Butcher the weak.
In the end man will fall.
Genocide reigns.


Judgement for actions.
Spreading disease.
Festering and rotting.
In the grave.

Genocide Reigns.
Human life scorned.
Paying the price.
Crushed into ashes.
Leaving no remains.

Burn for eternity in hell.